Artist Submission

Malton Art Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery!


  1. Supply five examples of your work. They should represent the core of who you are artistically.
  2. Supply the sizes, medium and prices you expect to receive for the work submitted.
  3. Before submitting your work to us, go to our website and look at the type of work we carry in the “Browse Artist” section. Does your work fit with our vision??
  4. Work should be submitted in a .JPG file, if at all possible, and should be no larger than 1 mgb.
  5. Submit a statement about your work, your vision, and your background in art.
  6. Supply your full name, and contact information!
  7. All of the above should be submitted to [email protected]

After reviewing your work, if we feel we would like to consider you for our Gallery, we will contact you to view your work in person! WE get hundreds of requests to show work in our Gallery. We do review all work submitted and try to reply to your submission as soon as possible. We are looking for art that fits into our vision of our Fine Art Gallery!


Brenda J Campbell

Gallery Manager, Malton Art Gallery

[email protected]

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